Rendered and composed in Maya + Arnold, Modo, & After Effects.
About: besides graphic design and art production in general, part of my role at Playstudios was to develop and optimize production pipelines for the Marketing Department to raise the bar on quality while keeping up with a high output of assets. Periodically, I'd allocate extra time to a small project in order to test techniques, document on it and make templates for the MarComm team to easily re-use.
Using soft-body simulations with simple geometry and procedural textures instead of complex key-framed models lets us produce attractive 3D animations with way fewer resources.
Reusing existing high quality 3D assets (in this case the chip turnaround) for multiple compositions lets us capitalize on our in-house 3D team libraries, and helps artists to plan for asset re usability right from the concept stage.

Chip renders by the CGI team

This also allows us to easily export different versions to cover promotional campaigns across several products.
Instead of producing ad-hoc 3D renders, combining the incidence shader, ID, and UV passes with After Effects displacement map effect allows us to compose different promotional campaigns reusing a single rendered animation (in this case the flag waving).
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