"A pop-up at the park that builds dialogue with under-engaged residents around technology and equity."
Joanne Cheung, IDEO CoLab.

I was commissioned through Local Color with a canvas mural for a community engagement project part of a Knight Foundation initiative, led by IDEO CoLab in partnership with the City of San José Mayor’s Office of Tech & Innovation, Department of Transportation, and Gehl. The theme was the future of transportation. We had only a few days to get it done, so I developed a series of vignettes imagining the future of downtown San Jose guided by social utopianism, local spots, some of the needs I perceive as a resident, and speculative future landscapes.

Preliminary sketches
Color sketch in context with side panel. I used the event's palette as a guide to make sure the mural and the pop-up would work as a whole.
We knew the event was going to have a lot of activities for kids, so I presented an alternative, whimsical take on the subject as well, this one intended for a younger audience.
Launch party and news reception. You can read the San Jose Inside article here
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